In a marketplace where it is increasingly important to distinguish your company’s product offering from its competition, Butler Specialty Company has the ability to develop products that are yours exclusively and guaranteed to stand out from the competition.

Working together with you, Butler will design and source a wide array of product types… in any style… using myriad materials such as wood, beautiful veneers, metal, glass, leather stone, acrylic and more… and virtually any price point. Best of all, we’ll own the inventory… drop shipping products direct to your customers right after you’ve sold them.

Though it is only one part of a complex equation necessary for attracting and converting customers, developing products that resonate with consumers and have high perceived value are essential to a retailer’s success. Butler is an experienced and highly capable supplier partner.

Now more than ever, your business needs a supplier that brings more to the table. We’ll show you how we can… complete the online form to the right to get started.